About us

About our company:

Choco Team Ltd. is one of the largest wafer manufacturers in Bulgaria. In our more than 25-year history, we have grown from our small family business roots to being a manufacturing enterprise with high-tech machinery base from leading companies such as Franz Haas Waffelmaschinen, MacIntyre Chocolate Systems and Cavanna Packaging. Our factory operates 24 hours with a shift schedule.

We offer a wide assortment of wafers with a variety of tastes, targeting different price levels. Our products are widely distributed and can be found in big chain stores, such as Kaufland and Metro, as well as in small neighborhood stores.

We export to multiple like markets: England, Romania, Greece, Latvia, countries from the Middle East and Africa. For these markets, we often work under private labels with local distribution partners. We tailor our products according to the specific consumer preferences of the export market and can offer tastes that are not in our product portfolio.


About our product portfolio:

Choco Team Ltd. produces uncoated and coated wafers under the brand “Focus”. Our wafers come in tastes of cocoa, various fruits and nuts. They also come in standard or mini sizes and are packaged in single, multi and family packs.

Our most popular product, Focus Classic 6 pack uncoated wafers with cocoa spread, is in production since 1997.

Our coated wafers are covered with couverture with intense chocolate taste. They are a high-quality product made with cocoa butter by French recipe and come in tastes of cocoa, lemon, peanuts, espresso and orange peels.

The “Affordable and Tasty” line is oriented towards the value price segment and family packs. The wafers in this line are crispy and tasty and come in cocoa, lemon, strawberry and vanilla flavors.


Certificates and quality control:

Quality control, food safety and customer satisfaction are our main priority. Accordingly, we have implemented a safety control system certified by the ISO 22000:2018 standard. We are Halal certified and our products can be consumed in observance of the Islamic religion.


Quality control and monitoring is 24 hours and is implemented by a team of food technologists and food safety and control specialists.

We use only high-quality ingredients of guaranteed origin: cocoa butter, cocoa mass and cocoa powder, vegetable oils, skimmed and full-fat powdered milk, nuts, sugar and flour. Our wafers contain no hydrogenated or esterified vegetable oils.