25 years of high-quality wafer manufacturing

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Wafers coated with rich couverture made according to a French recipe. Enjoy the intense chocolate taste of this premium product.

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Always crispy and delicous. A classic combination of high-quality cream sandwiched between layers of crunchy wafer sheets.

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Important facts about us

25 years of leadership in the Bulgarian market for wafers

Own manufacturing plant with cutting-edge machinery from leading companies such as  Franz Haas and Cavanna

Mass-market packaged productsfor direct consumption with wide customer appeal

Food safety control systems certified with EN ISO 22000:2018

More about Choco Team

Choco Team Ltd. is one of the leading Bulgarian wafer manufacturers. We produce wafers with a wide assortment of tastes, positioned at a variety of price levels. Our products are widely distributed in Bulgaria. They can be found in big chain stores, such as Kaufland and Metro, as well as in small neighbourhood stores.

We also export to multiple markets such as the United Kingdom, Romania, Greece and Latvia, countries from the Middle East and Africa. For these markets, our products are most often marketed in partnership with local distributors under their private brands. We collaborate with our partners to understand their markets and tailor our products based on the specific local consumer preferences.

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